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ASK Range


The ASK series are user-friendly and easy to maintain, they are quiet and efficient in operation to provide a cost effective and dependable source of compressed air. This is all made possible through innovations in the compressor unit, controller and cooling system.



Electrical Motor


15 - 22 kW IE3


Free Air Delivery


60 - 124 cfm


Working Pressure


7.5 - 13 bar


Variable Speed




Refrigerant Dryer




Built in Air Receiver



Features & Benefits


A premium efficiency IE3 electric motor consumes less power for greater output that exceeds the energy efficiency criteria required to be eligible for Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECA's), The IE3 motor is fitted with an innovative dual flow fan to help achieve optimum cooling, low air discharge temperatures and minimal sound levels. The SIGMA Profile airend provides a large volume of air for less power consumption, automatic belt tensioning device ensures drive system efficiency and reliability, the SIGMA Control Basic supplied as standard automatically regulates & monitors the compressor (an optional full Sigma Controller 2 can provide the ultimate in compressor controlling), filter mats protect the cooler from clogging from contaminants in the ambient air being drawn into the compressor. Low noise levels from just 66dB(A). Further models are available with variable speed drive inverters (SFC), and integrated dryers (T).