Mobile Air


The HPC Kaeser MOBILAIR portable compressors are simple to operate, provide excellent component accessibility and are easy to maintain. Features also include automatic monitoring and shutdown. With a range from the compact M13 with a capacity of 42cfm, that can be transported in the back of a small vehicle, to the high-performance M350 delivering 1200cfm there is a portable compressor for all applications.



Motor Power


7.5 - 265 kW


Free Air Delivery


30 - 1200 cfm


Working Pressure

7 - 15 bar 


Features & Benefits


Every HPC Kaeser  MOBILAIR portable compressors is built with a rotary screw airend equipped with energy-saving SIGMA PROFILE rotors. Components manufactured to the highest standards and precision aligned roller bearings ensure long service life with maximum reliability. All portables have the patented Anti-Frost Control system this automatically regulates the operating temperature in relation to the ambient temperature. This innovative system prevents breakers from freezing up and significantly extends air tool service life. All machines can be fitted with a tool lubricator for picks and breakers; several models are available with an integrated generator for applications requiring mobile electric power