HPC/Kaeser Omega BlowerOmega Blowers

The HPC KAESER OMEGA blowers distributed by Marshall Brewson will work at pressures up to 1000mb and vacuum to -500mbar. The OMEGA two and three lobe profile is an highly efficient blower unit, the high speed design ensures large volumetric efficiencies, which in turn lower discharge temperatures and power consumption, as well as exceptional acoustic performance from the standardised enclosure range. 

Becker Vacuum /Blowers Becker Blowers

The Becker range supplied by Marshall Brewson goes hand in hand with the larger Omega blowers. These pumps are more specific used on smaller application requiring oil free air/vacuum or both. Marshall Brewson supply and service a range of side channel blowers as well as the rotary vane oil less pumps.


All major makes of vacuum/blower units such as Busch and Rietschle can be serviced by Marshall Brewson service team with only genuine manufacturers parts used.

For more information on the supply service or repair of all makes of blower and vacuum pump please contact our office