Up to 96 percent of the heat generated by a rotary screw air compressor can be recovered and put to good use elsewhere in your factory, with excellent payback results.

So where does the reuseable energy in compressed air come from? 


 Warm Air Recovery

Because of the enclosed, compact construction of a screw compressor a simple ducting system can be used to transfer the warm cooling air to heat warehouses, workshops and adjacent facitlities. This is the simplest and most cost effective way of reusing the hot air generated from the air compressor with typical paybacks of six months.


Heat Exchanger Systems 

The HPC/ Kaeser range of compressors distributed by Marshall Brewson offer the option of supplying new compressors with plate heat exchangers that can be easily intergrated in any conventional water heating application. The water is heated through a heat exchanger by the oil from the fluid cooler. these heat exchangers can be supplied in kit form and be retro fitted to most HPC compressors with typical payback of tweleve months.

Using Heat recovery will help reduce your company's carbon foot print, benefit the environment and save you money.


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