In terms of the reliability of your air compressors' performance, it all comes down to this: Quality


Air compressors are a long-term investment and only quality service and genuine spare parts can ensure that your original purchase continues to deliver the best results for your business.

It is well accepted that using non-genuine spare parts in place of the manufacturer's original components can be detrimental to equipment performance. This is especially the case with air compressors, where using inferior quality parts can lead to significant cost implications. 

Marshall Brewson prides itself on only using genuine manufactures spares. Our philosophy is regular replacement of genuine spare parts makes your compressed air installation last longer, giving a minimal average pressure drop, which leads to energy savings, and maximum air delivery for the lowest cost of ownership. 

The Downside of Non Genuine spares


Breakdowns - Using lower quality parts increases the risk of breakdowns enormously. This will not only result in costly repairs, it will also result in additional costs due to the disruption of production processes.


Lower Life Expectancy - non-genuine parts do not meet the same standards as genuine parts, they have a negative impact on the wear of your equipment. They not only directly influence the lifespan of your installation, they will also endanger its resale value.


Increased Energy Costs  - Non-genuine parts could hinder your compressor installation from working optimally. This means that it would produce less compressed air with the same amount of energy, thus leaving a heavier carbon footprint.


Poor Air Quality  - Non-genuine parts jeopardise the quality of your compressed air and will have a negative impact on your production quality. The consequent cost of rework or scrap is high.  Do you want to take the risk of delivering poor quality due to contamination from compressed air?