Air Quality

Marshall Brewson has a close working relationship with the British Compressed Air Society (BCAS), this enables us to offer advice and implement all the latest regulations in air quality whether it is on food grade, dental air, breathing air, air quality testing, or any other air quality issue.

ISO 8573-1:2010 is the standard Marshall Brewson use to identify contaminates in a compressed air system, this standard identifies three primary contaminates- 1. Solid particulates, 2. Water, and 3. Oil, each category is assigned a quality class ranging from 0, the most stringent, to 9 the most relaxed. 

Food Grade Compressed Air

Compressed air is an essential part of many aspects of food production and processing. From farm to table the safety of food may become compromised and then subject to recall. One source of possible contamination is when compressed air is used in conjunction with the food chain. Marshall Brewson based in Grimsby – Europe\’s food town has had a long association with the food industry and are able to give advice and solutions for compressed air systems used in the production and processing of food production including air quality testing to ISO 8573-1:2010.

Dental Air

In 2005 the British Compressed Air Society (BCAS) andthe British Dental Associated (BDA) compiled a code of practice for compressed air used in dental surgeries; this code of practice gives guidance to ensure a dental surgery\’s compressed air installation complies with current legislation

Marshall Brewson alongside BCAS and their dental compressor partner Jun-Air can offer a full range of dental compressors and ancillary components.

Breathing Air

The use of compressed air as a source of breathable air is well accepted throughout industry, in recent years employers have become increasingly aware of their responsibilities to comply with breathing air standards, the standards define the quality of breathing air that must be provided to operators working in contaminated environments. For compressed air to be suitable for breathing it must be properly purified and tested to ensure it meets the relevant standards. Marshall Brewson can give advice and solutions including testing for breathing air for more information the BCAS breathing fact sheet is available to download or contact our office.

Air Quality Testing

The need for good quality compressed air for breathing, spraying, instrumentation, food production etc. is very common; Marshall Brewson can offer an on-site report regarding the quality of your compressed air. Our standard air quality test gives a report to national and international standards on the following:

  •  Oil Contamination
  •  Water Contamination
  •  Carbon Dioxide
  •  Carbon Monoxide
  •  Oxygen Content 

To book an air quality test or to get some advice on air qualities please contact the sales office

Air Quality