Compressor Controllers

The SIGMA Air Manger 4.0 (SAM4.0) compressed air management system monitors and controls all components within a compressed air supply system with a view to achieving maximum cost savings. As a result of its advanced technology and energy saving potential, investing in the SAM4.0 makes simple maths.

This next generation of compressed air management system utilises adaptive 3-Dadvanced Control to make air generation and treatment even more intelligent, reliable and efficient. The SAM4.0 is designed to grow with your air station. A simple software upgrade allows expansion of the master controller without the need for additional investment in new hardware.

The advantages of the SAM4.0:

  • Future Dynamic- a simple software upgrade is all that is required to expand your system.
  • Live P&I Diagram shown on the 12” touch screen display
  • 0 Logic – Individually programmable specific functions can be implemented without the need of an additional PLC.
  • RFID Card – secure login for authorised personnel.
  • Adaptive 3-DadvancedControl – monitors & controls compressed air system, and proactively calculates the most efficient performance from numerous potential options.
  • Energy Reporting – full access to all operating & energy consumption data, as well as cost information that can be accessed on any network compatible device, or downloaded.

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The Benefits of the Sigma Air Mananger 4.0:

Compressor Controllers

Industry 4.0 compatible – Industrial applications have special demands when it comes to communication technology – including machine to machine communication, which is the basis of Industry 4.0. Not only must the technology be durable and easily manageable on-site, but should also be globally compatible.

100% tax relief – The SAM4.0 has qualified for the Energy Technology List (ETL) this means the SAM4.0 is a registered product this is eligible for 100% tax relief under the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme for energy saving technologies designed to help reduce carbon emissions.

Flexible Integation – The SIGMA Air Manager 4.0 is not exclusively for HPC/KAESER compressors, all makes & models of air compressor can be integrated in to the SAM4.0 for more information or a site survey contact our sales office on 01472 359001.