Installation & Commissioning

Efficient compressed air systems are a product of good design and planning, ensuring minimum pressure loss within the system and the removal of water, compressor oil, dirt, and rust scale.

When designing Marshall Brewson consider the size of compressor /compressors, the quality of air required, and how to distribute the air. A badly designed, poorly installed compressed air pipe system will cause trouble and result in expensive repairs and costly production loss.

Pipe sizing is an important factor to ensure future requirements are catered for, and that pressure drop is reduced to a minimum, with take-off points large enough to flow peak demand. Isolation valves should be installed in all take off points, compressor, air receiver, dryers, and filters for maintenance purposes. On larger systems area isolation valves are recommended.

Our team of experienced installation engineers can install the correct pipework system to suit the clients\’ requirements whether it is energy efficient Transair aluminium, Mapress, ABS glued, stainless steel welded, or classic screwed galvanised steel.

All Marshall Brewson compressed air systems are installed in accordance with the British Compressed Air Society\’s installation guide (5th Edition).