Energy Efficient Pipework

If a compressed air system is to work at maximum efficiency, it stands to reason that the pipework needs to be correctly sized and be in good order. Not only must it be devoid of leaks, it must allow compressed air to flow through the pipe smoothly, so avoiding turbulence and a subsequent pressure drop. Galvanised steel is the most popular pipework material, purely through the sheer time it has been in use. It is susceptible to corrosion and the rough interior surface that it creates can cause a significant pressure drop throughout the system that becomes worse with age.

The Marshall Brewson solutions:-

Geberit Mapress is a simple leak proof cold process pipework system. Mapress provides an efficient, safe, & reliable solution for a range of different job requirements without the use of heat or welding during installation. The flow characteristics through the Mapress smooth bore tube are crucial in helping to reduce the pressure loss through the system; this in turn gives optimum efficiency and energy savings on the pipework system. With reducing carbon footprint and energy savings key topics for all companies, the Mapress solution can give potential cost saving of up to 34% on old existing steel pipework systems. Marshall Brewson offer the inside/outside zinc coated carbon steel & stainless steel options for all our compressed air pipework systems.

The benefits of Mapress:

  • No hot work required
  • No requirement of sealants, tapes, glue, fluxes, solder or lubricants
  • Quick to install
  • Large range of pipework sizes 12-108mm
  • Pressing indicators on all fittings
  • Smooth bore tubing reduces pressure drop


Transair is a full flow, corrosion resistant pipework system available in both powder coated aluminium and stainless steel. Assembly is through rapid-fit, leak-proof connectors. Transair is lightweight for ease of installation; the system is available in six sizes from 16.5mm – 168mm, with a range of components and accessories to allow systems to be tailored precisely to building and installation requirements. All Transair fittings are interchangeable and reusable, with the powder-coated aluminium pipework suitable for compressed air, inert gases, and vacuum.

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3 simple ways to improve efficiency of your pipework system:


Test for and fix leaks -If you do have leaks, locate them & fix them. Even a tiny leak (just 3mm) could cost you more than £700 a year in wasted energy, so carry out a \’no-load\’ test to check for leaks

Reduced System Pressure -Reducing pressure by 10% can lead to 5% savings in energy. Make small, incremental reductions, checking that operations are not affected. 

Don’t over-treat system air-Treating air to remove dirt, water and oil is necessary but uses lots of energy. Treat the application rather than the whole system.