HPC Belt Drive compressors

The HPC belt drive rotary screw compressor built by Kaeser Kompressoren are a single stage oil injected rotary screw air compressor incorporating the unique energy efficient SIGMA profile airend. This airend achives power savings of up to 15% compared with conventional screw air end profiles, with its heavy-duty bearings the airend is driven via automatic tensioned drive belts, and powered by an IE3 premium efficiency electrical induction motor. This enables design pressures to be in half bar increments, over a pressure range between 5.5 to 15bar.

The unit is supplied complete with integrated air & oil coolers, fully pre wired starter, safety protections, CE documentation, and a fill of oil. The compressor is housed within an acoustic enclosure that is designed for easy service access and super silencing. The unit is controlled by the industry leading Sigma Control 2 controller, this industrial PC is an intelligent controller & communication system providing a real time operating system with historical events warnings, alarms, and service/maintenance messages.

The Sigma Controller can be integrated into building management systems, and provides all the important interfaces required for external communication.

The options of RM(receiver mounted), T(integrated dryer), SFC(variable speed), & AC(air centre- compressor, dryer, & receiver) gives the HPC customer a tailored package to their requirement.


The benefits of the HPC Belt Drive Compressor

Small Compressor footprint
The design incorporating the airend mounted above the motor enables the compressor footprint to be smaller, all belt drive compressors are designed to pass through a standard doorway.

Energy Saving SIGMA airend
Every HPC screw compressor airend is equipped with energy saving SIGMA profile rotors. Manufactured to the highest standard & precision aligned roller bearings to ensure long service life with maximum reliability.

Cooling air filter mats
Ambient air used for cooling is contaminated to some degree, but the high performance filter mats prevent the cooler from contamination.

Easy maintenance:
The housing is easily opened. All components are logically arranged and easy to access. Maintenance work is therefore made quick and simple

Sigma Control 2 I/O
The controller fitted to the belt drive compressors features an easy to read display & durable input keys; all relevant information can be viewed at a glance, enabling the compressor to be linked or networked to a controller and is optimised for industry 4.0.

Highly-efficient power transmission:
The quality drive belt with automatic tensioning device ensures consistent transmission efficiency and excellent drive system reliability over the entire service life.

Exceptionally Quiet
The soundproofed housing reduces operational noise to a minimum. Normal conversation can take place next to the compressor.